Announcement:  Churro Fantastico is now part of SNACK OUT FOODS!

New name, new logo, same Fantastico products & service.

Dear loyal Churro Fantastico customers,

After 7 years of bringing you the latest and greatest on-trend, novelty snack foods and desserts, the team at Churro Fantastico is delighted to announce that we are now part of Snack Out Foods:

Welcome to our brand-new website, which will be home to all your classic favourite Churro Fantastico products, plus a few new ones as well!

Snack Out Foods (formerly Churro Fantastico) is a one-stop-shop for crowd-friendly, eye-catching treats of all shapes and sizes.

Snack Out Foods is a reliable, high volume supplier of Churros and other delicious sweet & savoury treats to food distributors, wholesalers, restaurants, caterers, crowd entertainment venues and quick service restaurants across Australia and New Zealand.

The products from Snack Out Foods are consistent in outstanding quality and flavour, and establishments across the country have received brilliant reviews after adding us to their menus!

4. Donut Fries combo2
1. Churro Buns
2. NY Soft Pretzel combo
2. Pretzel Bites combo

Long Churros, Straight Churros, Bite-sized Churros, Hand Rolled Churros, Spanish Churros, South American Churros, Sweet Churros, Savoury Churros, even OREO™ Churros – at Snack Out Foods, the Churro possibilities are endless!

Plus, Snack Out Foods has unveiled a parade of trend-setting snacks and desserts, including Donut Fries, Sweet & Savoury NY Soft Pretzels, Jam-Filled Beignets and Donut Poppers to name a few.

CLICK HERE to order from Snack Out Foods’ distributors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.